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Welcome to Klapec Trucking Company's Web Page.


KTC has been dedicated to serving our customers since 1949. We've grown considerably since then so step in and explore all that Klapec Trucking Company has to offer.


Klapec Trucking Company furnishes freight transportation service to all 48 contiguous states as well as all Canadian provinces and now we can take your material straight across the border into Mexico on our trailer.  Our professional drivers insure timely delivery.  Our diversified trailer fleet meets every transportation need and our competitive rates all combine to make Klapec Trucking Company your most desirable and reliable carrier. 

At Klapec Trucking Company we specialize in Steel and Equipment Freight, with new light weight equipment we are able to carry more cargo. While we have dedicated runs with dropped trailers and dedicated drivers to keep freight moving, we are also flexible enough to meet appointment times, but customized enough to meet strict "Just in Time" material deliveries.  Our specialty team enjoys moving wide, long, tall, and heavy loads, we are capable of moving just about anything. 

Klapec Trucking Company has a safety program that is second to none, we want your freight to arrive in the same condition it was shipped.  We need the customer to be comfortable using Klapec Trucking Company for all their shipping needs, part of this comfort level comes from our safety rating.  The other important part is our dedication to customer service.

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Attention Purchasing Agents: We are looking for Products to haul back to the Venango County Area.  Give Klapec Trucking Company a call, we will get your raw materials delivered to you as you need them.

Klapec Trucking Company is involved in the Area we live in, and holds many national Certifications click the link to go to the website.

We are Proud to be a Founding Member of the Venango Area Chamber of Commerce. Klapec Trucking Company has been involved in the chamber for many years.

We are Proud of our Drivers - Transportation Professionals - who have been certified with the Highway Watch Program through Homeland Security.  They are part of a nation wide team who "collectively detect, assess, report, process, analyze, and respond to items or incidents which might pose a threat." (Highway Watch mission statement.)

Klapec Trucking Company is proud to be part of the Better Business Bureau, Click the link below to see our Credentials.


Since small business is the backbone of our economy, we enjoy having our voice heard in Washington, DC.  Being a member of The  National Federation of Independent Business makes that possible for all small businesses.


Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association addresses problems that arise in the transportation industry.  We participate in many programs hosted by Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association.  We have driver participation in the PA State Truck Driving championships in Harrisburg.  Our Safety director is an integral part of the Safety Management Council Board of Directors,  the Carrier Safety Committee for the state Board of Directors, and the Southwest Chapter board of directors.


We are proud partners of the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism focusing on keeping cargo secure when crossing country to country. 


We are members of the American Trucking Association, who works in Washington to keep trucking companies up to date with what is going on in Congress.



Klapec Trucking Company credits success to hard work, great team members and most importantly, customer satisfaction.

We can be reached at 1-888-8-KLAPEC.

Affiliated companies are: Foremost Transportation Service Co., Inc.  and Reno Truck and Equipment Service Company Click the names of these companies to see their websites.