Benefits For Driving With Klapec

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Retirement Benefits
  • Klapec Trucking offers quarterly matching with your 401k as well as profit sharing.
  • Klapec Trucking offers great insurance through Highmark Blue Cross/Blue shield.
  • Klapec's Insurance plan offers free dental, free vision, free life insurance, and voluntary benefits.
  • Klapec shares your deductible cost so you don't have to pay your full deductible.
Benefits Offered to Klapec employees
  • Klapec offers many perks to its employees, such as paid vacations, stop pay, tarp pay, detention pay, over-dimensional load pay, and free toll passes.
  • Klapec offers a bonus if you are a current employee and refer a friend that is hired by Klapec.
  • Klapec offers the ability to have your paycheck direct deposited into your bank account.
  • Klapec has company gatherings for its employees, which include, summer picnics, employee/significant other dinners, as well as Christmas dinners.
More Benefits
Klapec Trucking is a family, and in a family, you take care of your own. Klapec offers their employees some of the best perks available, such as:
  • Work boot reimbursement
  • Company paid uniforms
  • Employee training pay for new drivers
  • Employees are allowed to pick the type of transmission they want to drive, automatic or manual
  • Klapec contributes to the cost of personal cell phones.
Safety Awards
Klapec Trucking prides itself on being a safe working environment and has won numerous awards for safety.
Klapec offers safety incentives for their employees, such as:
  • Cash
  • Jackets
  • Watches
  • Plaques